Still Keep in tabs?

Your website is the primary source to reach new and existing clients.

In today's market your competition is developing complex database driven and rich media websites. Can you afford to be out of date?  

The initial outlay for these projects can easily grow into thousands of pounds in software and marketing development costs.

When you have spent your yearly marketing budget on your shinny new site what happens when you want to perform a minor update? such as updating copy or replacing imagery. Updating complex websites can prove too difficult in house / or can lead to expensive agency costs. 

  • How can you you quickly take advantage of new emerging technologies such as social media and mobile friendly websites?
  • Do you need to rebuild completely?
  • Is there a way to get up and running quickly?
  • Can new features bug fixes and improvements be part of the standard price?
  • Is technical advice a separate consultancy fee?
  • Can we easily bolt on new features?
  • How easily can I adapt to a change in branding

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